Bell Global Equities Fund (Platform)

The Bell Global Equities Fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of listed shares.

The Fund employs a long only investment strategy with a fundamental bottom up approach to stock picking.

To make an investment in the Fund, please ensure you have read and understood the PDS and additional information prior to completing and submitting your application form.


Design and Distribution Obligations

The Australian Government has passed a set of reforms known as Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) which come into effect from 5 October 2021. DDO requires Bell Asset Management as a product issuer and product distributors such as licensees and financial advisers, to work together to ensure consumers obtain financial products that suit their objectives, financial situation and individual needs. For further information about DDO and Target Market Determinations please click here


Unless otherwise indicated, the performance returns take into account all fees and expenses charged to each of the funds, but don’t include any allowance for tax. Net returns are also calculated assuming all distributions are reinvested. All returns represent past performance only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Net Performance Summary to 31 Aug 2021
1 mth 3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 3 yr (p.a.) 5 yr (p.a.)
Platform 2.7% 15.0% 29.6% 32.1% 16.6% 16.2%
Benchmark 3.1% 12.3% 23.2% 31.4% 14.7% 15.6%
Relative -0.4% 2.7% 6.3% 0.7% 1.9% 0.7%
Inception date of the Platform Class is 7 May 2015. Returns are based on the Platform redemption price and are net of fees.
7 yr (p.a.)^ 10 yr (p.a.)^ Since inception (p.a.)^
Platform 15.8% 17.1% 9.4%
Benchmark 14.9% 16.7% 8.2%
Relative 0.9% 0.4% 1.1%

^ To give a longer term view of our performance in the asset class, we have shown longer term returns for a representative global equities strategy managed by Bell Asset Management with an inception date of 1 Jan 2003. We have adjusted the returns to reflect fees representative of the Bell Global Equities Fund –Platform Class units. 

Benchmark: MSCI World Ex-Australia net dividends reinvested in AUD

Unit Price

The Bell Global Equities Fund Platform distribution for the year ending 30 June 2021 is $0.2160 per unit. Distribution payments will be made on or around 20 July 2021.

The 30 June Cum price is $1.8487 and 30 June Ex price is $1.6327

Redemption requests received between the 30th of June (after 2 pm) and the resumption of daily pricing, will be paid in the week commencing the 26th of July 2021. The unit price used will be the unit price applicable to the date and time the redemption request is received.


Fund APIR Code Date Entry Price Exit Price
Bell Global Equities Fund (Platform) BPF0016AU 22.09.2021 1.7629 1.7593

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