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Bell Global Sustainable Fund (Hedged)

The Bell Global Sustainable Fund (BGSF or Fund) invests in a portfolio of global equity securities and aims to generally follow a strategic asset allocation guideline of 0 to 10% in cash and 90 to 100% in global equity securities. The Fund may hold derivatives if the RE considers doing so the most appropriate way to gain an exposure to underlying securities. However, the RE has no intention at the date of this PDS to use derivatives to gear or leverage the portfolio. The RE intends to use derivatives to implement currency hedging in the Hedged Unit Class.

The Fund employs a long only investment strategy with a fundamental bottom up approach to stock picking.

How to invest:

Each Applicant must complete the relevant application form and provide the identification documents required for verification purposes.

Which Application Form should I use?

All applications should begin at section 1. of the relevant form and complete the appropriate application form and KYC form using capital letters. Please ensure all relevant fields of the appropriate application form are completed. If you do not complete all relevant sections in the application form, your application may be rejected and returned to you for completion, resulting in a delay in processing your application. If you have any questions as you complete this form, please contact our registry on +61 3 96168619

Design and Distribution Obligations

The Australian Government has passed a set of reforms known as Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) which came into effect on 5 October 2021. DDO requires Bell Asset Management as a product issuer and product distributors such as licensees and financial advisers, to work together to ensure consumers obtain financial products that suit their objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

To access the Fund's Target Market Determinations for :


Unless otherwise indicated, the performance returns take into account all fees and expenses charged to each of the funds, but don’t include any allowance for tax. Net returns are also calculated assuming all distributions are reinvested. All returns represent past performance only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Net Performance Summary to
March 31, 2024

*Inception date of 19 November 2021

Benchmark: MSCI World ex Australia Index (Hedged) net of dividends reinvested

Unit Price

Unit prices will be updated regularly but they may differ from the prices you receive should you apply for or redeem units from the Fund. The actual transaction price will be communicated to investors via a transaction statement shortly after the transaction has been processed. The unit prices displayed may include income and any realised gains accrued but not yet distributed.

For unit price history, please contact

Key Features

Investment Objective

To outperform its benchmark over rolling 3-year periods


MSCI World Ex Australia Index (Hedged) with net dividends reinvested and in Australian Dollars

ESG Objectives

The fund at all times will have a:

  • Weighted average ESG score (as defined by MSCI ESG Research) higher than the benchmark
  • Weighted average Carbon Intensity (Scope 1 & 2) at least 25% lower than the benchmark
Integrated ESG Investment Process

Including: ESG screening, ESG analysis, continuous engagement with companies and customised, active proxy voting

SDG Alignment

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Alignment and KPIs are disclosed in our Annual ESG Engagement Report

Investment Universe

Listed securities on recognised stock exchanges.

Investment Horizon

At least 5 years

Currency Exposure

The Fund Unit Class is hedged and the unit prices are denominated in Australian Dollars


Annually as at 30 June, with the option to:

  • reinvest the amount as additional units, or
  • have the amount paid to a nominated bank account.
Minimum Initial Investment


Minimum Additional Investment


Buy/sell spread


Applications & Withdrawals

Daily, with notice to be received by the fund’s administrator by 2pm EST.

Redemptions typically paid out within 10 business days.

Unit Pricing

Calculated daily and published on the website.

Custodian & Administrator

National Asset Servicing (NAS), a division of the National Australia Bank.

Type of Fund

Unlisted Managed Investment Scheme



Platform availability


Fund rating and Certifications
  • RIAA certified

Please refer to the important information about certification.

Investor Reporting

Investors will receive:

  • application & withdrawal confirmations
  • half yearly unitholder statements
  • annual tax statement
  • distribution statement
  • annual audited financial statements are available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Contact us.

What is the Funds Investment Objective?

To outperform its benchmark over rolling 3 year periods.

What does the Fund invest in?

The Fund will invest in listed securities on recognised global stock exchanges.

What is the currency exposure of the Fund?

Fund is unit class in Australian Dollars and is hedged.

How often do I receive a Distribution?

Distributions are normally made annually for the period ending 30 June.

What is the minimum initial investment and can I make additional investments?

Unless otherwise determined by us, the minimum initial investment is $25,000. The minimum additional investment is $1,000.

What is the Management Fee of the Fund?

The Hedged class management fee is 0.80% per annum of the Net Asset Value of the Fund, inclusive of GST (net of estimated reduced input tax credits).

The Normal Operating Expense is an additional expense. The estimated cost relates to custody arrangements, preparation of accounts and unit registry of 0.15% per annum of the net asset value of the Fund referrable to Platform Class Units, inclusive of GST (net of estimated input tax credits or reduced input tax credits).

What is the buy and sell spread of the Fund?

0.10% buy spread/0.10% sell spread.

The Buy/Sell Spread is an estimate of the transaction costs that are incurred in buying and selling the underlying assets of the Fund as a result of applications and withdrawals.

Are there any restrictions on applications or withdrawals?

Applications and withdrawals can be made on a daily basis with notice to be received by the fund’s administrator by 2pm EST. The minimum withdrawal from the Fund is $1,000.

If the withdrawal request is received after 2pm on a Business Day or on a day that is not a Business Day, the Redemption Price for the next Business Day will apply.

How often are unit prices calculated?

Unit prices are usually calculated each Business Day. Month end prices are published on website.

How to Invest?

Please ensure you have downloaded, read and understood the PDS and additional information. You can then select the appropriate application form.

Mail the application form and required identification documents to:  

Bell Asset Management Limited
GPO Box 804
Melbourne VIC 3001

Who can invest into the Fund ?

- Individuals (including joint accounts)
- Companies
- Trusts
- Self Managed Super Funds  

How to make enquiries, change details etc.

We have a range of forms available on our website under the more information “forms” section above or, you can contact our client service team directly:

Telephone: (03) 9616 8619


How do I find out my unit balance in the Bell Global Sustainable Fund?

Statements will be provided to investors on a quarterly basis. The statement will show the Fund unit class, number of units and the current value of the investment.

You can also register for access to the investor portal to view your registration details, unit balance and dollar value as well as obtain copies of statements that have been issued. If you require assistance to register for the investor portal, please call the client service team on (03) 9616 8619.

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